Mindfulness - For a Better Quality of Life

Mindfulness is the psychological process of purposely bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment without any prejudice, realising the happenings from the basis of their origins. It is where one develops the state of blissfulness through the practice of meditation and through other methods.

Mindfulness derives from sati, a significant element of Buddhist traditions, and based on Zen, Vipassanā, and Tibetan meditation techniques. Though definitions and techniques of mindfulness are wide-ranging, Buddhist traditions explain what constitutes mindfulness such as how past, present and future moments arise and cease as momentary sense impressions and mental phenomena that one goes through.

Being aware of the surroundings, understanding it and interacting with it for the what it brings with the broad spectrum of present and future possibilities is primary key to being mindful. It is both an art and science of life, where one is the result of another.